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We are making plans to develop a discipleship program.

God is calling us to start a prison aftercare program, a discipleship program (for addiction recovery), and a youth prevention program.

Included in the programs will be: GED Training, Vocational Training, Extensive Bible Teaching, Job Readiness, etc.  The Programs will be for both men and women.

The prison aftercare program will be for those getting out of incarceration.  They will be able to work and learn how to be reestablished in society so that they will not be likely to return to jail/prison.

The Discipleship Program will be a one year program divided into four phases of  90 days each. The first phase of 90 days will be very strict and will not allow visitation, phone calls (except for emergency and legal), and will focus on tight structure and Biblical teaching.  Each phase will include a little more freedom as they progress through the program.  The addiction recovery (alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, etc) will be based on the Word of God as all things can be overcome through the power of the Holy Spirit.  We will not use AA or NA as they do not focus on the root of the addiction which is sin.

The Youth Prevention program will be for ‘at risk’ youth.  We will have residential and non-residential programs for the youth as a way to guide them straight so they will not end up being in jail/prison. 

More details will be coming to this website.

We also offer bible courses for those who are incarcerated.  Please go to our ‘contact’ page to submit a request for a Bible course.  While they are free to inmates, they do cost us money for printing and postage.  Please prayerfully consider donating to help defray the cost.

If you want to help out any way or want to request Bible courses for inmates, then please email us.

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